Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities

At Laurelbank Public School, very special effort is made to provide students with opportunities to develop their particular interests and abilities in fields other than pure academics. This association with students who share the same interests allows for a camaraderie that fosters an increased sense of purpose, social responsibility and a feeling of ‘belonging’ that is found outside the classroom.

School government, class organizations and special interest clubs provide a ‘hands on’ opportunity for students to learn and to practice leadership skills. Students who are elected to leadership positions can develop self-confidence and skills that will help them throughout their lives. Clubs and organizations also sponsor social events at which students can develop social behaviour and manners. Participation in the many facets of the extra-curricular program provides for the opportunity to feel an increased sense of participation in and belonging to, the school community. Students’ feelings of pride and school spirit promote good citizenship that will carry-over into future community involvement and citizen participation. Pupils join in school activities during the assigned periods, lunch break, after school hours and on weekends. There is always a large number of activities to choose from and a list of activities for any particular age group can be obtained from the office on request. Activities can be physical, scientific, academic and aesthetic and include karate, music (recorder practice, choirs, guitar), art, sports, drama, reporting, chess, handicraft clubs, mechanics (cars, aeronautics), electronics, field-trips, language clubs, learning special subjects, joining study groups and others.