Laurelbank School System – The Pioneers of Smart Education in Pakistan


Our story begins with the vision of providing quality education to the people of the less-privileged areas of Lahore. We started off with the strength of just 12 pupils and 3 teachers and by the Grace of God and community support, we now have several campuses in the city.

Laurelbank School System is a school dedicated to providing our children the best possible education in Lahore. We are committed to educating our children in all the areas necessary for leading a successful life as well as becoming contributing citizens of Pakistan. Our staff and teachers work painstakingly to ensure that we live up to your expectations and are dedicated to ensuring that our students (your children) achieve their maximum potential. To strengthen the intellectual and personal growth of students, we also provide a wide variety of co-curricular programmes and extracurricular activities. Additionally, we believe that intellectual growth must be accompanied by the development of values, the cultivation of responsible independence, and the appreciation of our religion, culture and heritage. All in all, Laurelbank School System is an opportunity for your children to be groomed within a self-motivated community of little scholars, who are able to thrive in today’s increasingly demanding economies and academic demands.