LSS Inter-School Cricket and Football Tournaments 2013

The LSS Inter-school Cricket and Football Tournaments were held at our Alhamra Town Campus on 23rd Nov., 2013 in collaboration with the School Sports Alliance. The football and cricket teams of the Laurelbank School System, The Allied School (Walton), The Lahore Grammar School (Paragon Campus) and the Scholastic Islamiyah participated in this well organized event. Cricket matches were played under two categories i.e. U-12 and U-14. The LGS team won in the U-12 category and the LSS team won in the U-14 category. The football matches were played in U-15 age category. The team of the Allied school won the final of the football tournament. The winnings teams were awarded shields by the organizers.

A beautiful scene of a football match

A scene from a cricket match