Silver Jubilee Celebration

History was created on October 25, 2014 when around 400 Alumni gathered in the school to celebrate Silver Jubilee of the Laurelbank School System. The evening began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Managing Director Dr. Salma Mian welcomed the Alumni (ALPS), acknowledged the services of Mrs. Fareeda Ijaz, Mrs. Farah Naveed, Mrs. Anees Qasim and Mrs. Ibrahim and presented them souvenirs.

The ALPS (Associates of Laurelbank Public School) was revived as the official Alumni Association. A large number of students joined it on the spot whereas many others wanted to join in. A membership form is being uploaded herewith. Mr. Khalid Mehboob will act as the moderator for ALPS.

The students shared their reminiscences, some had wet eyes while others made everyone laugh narrating their experience at school.

A sumptuous dinner was also served.


ALPS Membership Registration Form


Pioneer staff receiving souvenirs from Managing Director LSS

Alumni celebrating their reunion at Silver Jubilee Celebration of LSS

Alumni sharing reminiscences